How To Speed Up Your PC (Easy Tips) ?

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Many of you feel that your computer runs slow. Today i am going to write a few simple easy steps that can help to speed up your PC. These steps do not require a great deal of computer experience or knowledge.Just a simple knowledge of computer can also do.The following tips will help you improve your PC performance. So if you find this article useful please don't forget to leave a comment below.


One vital system utility that you should run in about every two months is called Disk Defragmenter. Defrag will arrange your files better so your PC can access them faster. It's best to run this programme after disk scan. To run Disk Defragmenter go to the Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and choose "Disk Defragmenter". It's best to run this program overnight as it takes a long time.

Temporary Internet Files

When your PC's virtual memory becomes full, your computer may run slow, give you error messages or freeze during a programme. This happens because every object or imaged viewed online is saved somewhere in your PC, even after you have left that page, and closed the document. To erase them, in your web browser, go to Tools, Internet Options, Choose the General Tab in the dialog box, Click on Temporary Internet Files, then Delete Files. Also, set only few days to store your web history. This can also be set from the option dialog box under tools.

Delete Old Files

Periodically going through the files in My Document or other folders you have set up, and deleting or archiving them on a CD can also help your computer's memory and performance. Do you really need to keep a saved copy of last semester's English term Paper? If not, delete it. You can also go through the programmes on your PC from the control panel and delete those you no longer use. Don't delete any of the shared files, through, if it asks, because that can cause more problems. Also clear the Recycle Bin occasionally.

Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

As softwares consume both disk space as well as memory, it is best to remove all unused applications and games or other softwares. This helps your PC perform optimally as it provides extra space in your memory.

Speedup Folder Browsing

You may have noticed that every time you open My Computer to browse folders that there is a slight delay. This is because Windows XP automatically searches for network files and printers every time you open Window Explorer. To fix this and to increase browsing significantly open My Computer, click Tools, click Folder Options, go to View Tab, uncheck Automatically search for network folders and printers and click apply.

Increase Virtual Memory Setting

While buying and installing more RAM will probally speed up your computer better than any of the above tips, we have to stick to the "free" theme of this article. Increasing your virtual memory capacity on your hard drive can work as a temporary fix. How much virtual memory Windows will use can be adjusted. Go to Start, Control Panel, System, click on the Advanced tab and then Settings under Performance. Click on the Advance tab then Change under Virtual Memory. Under paging file size, increase the maximum size by 1.5x the primary RAM size, click Set and see if that makes a difference. Installing extra RAM is the best way to go but increasing the virtual memory can help greatly.

Disable Indexing Services

Indexing Services is a small programme that uses large amounts of RAM. It indexes and updates lists of all the files that are on your computer. It makes search faster houever if this feature is not on your priority list and you seldom use this feature, it is the to deactivate the service. This can be done by clicking on Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, Add/Remove Window Components and unchecke the Indexing services.

Registry Cleanup

Your registry might be corroupted if you start receiving error reports and your system is moving like molasses. By using a free registry cleaning utility such as Free Registy Cleaner you can get rid of corrupted registry.

Adjust Your Computer's Visual Effects

Effects like animated windows, high lights, shadows and fading menus, can slow down your computer and kill your PC speed drastically. By altering your preferances and perfomance needs you can gain the most by depriving yourself of the visuals. To do so, go to Computer, click on System Properties, click on the Advanced System Properties, click on Advanced and click on Setting under Performance, click on Adjust for best performance and click Apply.

Remove Desktop Background

This might soung annoying, but setting your desktop to None also contributes to increasing your PC speed.

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