Internet Service Provider (ISP) Of Nepal

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With the increment of Internet users in Nepal, the number of Internet Service Provider in Nepal is also increasing rapidly. There are around 4 dozens of such Internet Service Provider that are registered in Nepal. They are providing the Internet facility with different package in different rate.But among them some of them are only running efficiently in the market. Here I am listing some Internet Service Provider they are providing facility to the customers regularly.Here is the list.

Nepal Telecom

Nepal Telecom is the oldest and one of the popular Internet Service Provider in Nepal. At first if started Dialup Internet. Later it expanded its service and now it is providing ADSL Broadband (Unlimited and Volume Base Plan), Lease Connectivity, CDMA wireless Internet, GPRS for mobile and many more. For more information you can visit its official website : .


Ncell is providing Internet service for mobile and laptop users. This company is providing Internet service through 3G and USB port. The expensive is little more than other Internet Service Provider but the speed it's giving is quite nice than others. Desktop computer users also can use data card to surf Internet from Ncell.It is providing different packages according to volume based from Rs 500 to Rs 4000. For more info visit its official website :


Its providing Internet through it's U SIM and leased line. It provide unlimited Internet in just Rs 500 per month. But the Internet speed is too slow.I had also used it's service for some months. But it was so slow that i stopped to use its service.For more info visit :


It started to provide Internet facility from around ten years. It provides Dial-Up Internet, Cable Internet,Wireless Internet and Leased Line Internet.It provides different packages like Unlimited Package, Volume Based Package starting from 32kbps to 1Mbps . It's providing Internet to almost all main area of Nepal. For more info visit :

These are the some major Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Nepal. Beside these there are others Internet Service Provider (ISP). You can visit their official website for more information.
This is the list of Internet Service Provider (ISP) i know. If you know more than share with us on the blogger comment box below.

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