Learn Typing In Nepali (Sharing Nepali Typing Format)

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Typing in Nepali language is more hard task then typing in English language. You need to have more practice to be perfect in typing in Nepali language. You can find many such software that helps to makes us perfect in Nepali typing.Among them one software is TYPESHALA which is very helpful in learning Nepali typing for starting phase. Likewise you must need to know the format of Nepali words in the keyboard. Coz in some of the keyboard you may have seen only English words. This makes hard for the beginner to find the Nepali word in the keyboard. So for them I am sharing a format of Nepali Typing.Download it from below :) and enjoy learning Nepali typing.

Download It On PDF Format

Download It On High Quality Image Format

To download it on image format visit Download Now and Right Click on mouse and Save the image.

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